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Wellbeing Facilitator

Book a Wellbeing Facilitator or Coordinator for your production.

  • 10 hr
  • From 650 euros
  • On Set or Location Of Your Choice

Service Description

Put your crew's wellbeing first with our dedicated Wellbeing advocacy service at Wonderfly Films. In a fast-paced media production environment, it's essential to have a caring and nurturing person to support the health and wellbeing of the crew at every stage of production. Our Wellbeing Facilitator is there to provide dedicated support and ensure that every crew member's needs are met, allowing producers to have peace of mind and trust in our team. Although they are distinct from counsellors and therapists, wellbeing facilitators are responsible for fostering a positive working culture from the top down, and ensuring support is available to those who need it. While their role is to be visible, wellbeing facilitators also maintain independence in order to ensure they remain accessible to cast and crew at all levels, who can approach them in confidence about any issue experienced on-set or off during production. With certified practitioners in Yoga, Breathwork, Life Coaching, Sound Healing, Childcare, Art Therapy, and/or Meditation we are able to provide a professional Wellbeing Advocate/Coordinator with a specialized skillset for your shoot. What is the benefit of a Wellbeing Advocate or Coordinator? - To address myriad of personal conflicts that may effect job performance and vis versa, a Wonderfly Wellbeing Advocate is a caring support for the employee from key crew to above the line hires. - A wellbeing facilitator’s core responsibilities can include advising on stress, mental health issues, bullying and harassment, discrimination and adult safeguarding as well as helping producers and heads of department meet their legal duty of care in respect of casts and crews. - A dedicated support for the producers by making sure their wellbeing as well as the crew are supported throughout production at any stage. Wonderfly also offers monthly wellness retreats and gatherings.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule please give 24 hours notice or you will lose your slot and payment. Thank you.

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